Tuesday, 5 February 2013

We have moved

Well things are much better then they were on my last post!  I think it's safe to say that I was at the end of my rope that day but now... well we have moved.  Since then, we found a house that was a really great price, in a good area (close to my 2 closest friends so how good is that!) and it just really has a good flow and is just really cute and homey.

So we moved in on Feb 1st and there are still boxes everywhere but I've decided to paint the bedrooms first so .. it'll be a work in progress for a while.  I've already painted the spare room (guest room I suppose!) and have just finished the trim on the boys' room.  After that I'll do our room then repaint the wood panelling in the lounge/ dining area and that's the painting done.  I have heaps of fabric chosen and plan to make all kinds of stuff.

That's the thing with not drinking.  So much more time to do lovely things.  I think that's what used to put me off about not drinking.. the loooong days.  But I was just painting in the boys' room and just had all these things come to me, thinking about all kinds of stuff, thinking about blogging, my cousin (who just got engaged - yey!!), my good friends back home.... listening to my husband giggling out in the lounge at some dumb show he's watching... and I just felt so good.  Felt so happy just to be decorating and making my house pretty.

I've had a weird week though.  I have had alcohol thoughts pop up randomly where they really hadn't been before.  I drove by a bottle shop on my way home from kindy pick up the other day and thought 'I would be stopping there every day on my way home... .well maybe not every day... I mean I wouldn't want the shop workers to know I drank that much'... and things like that.  Not sure if anyone else has gone through this?  It's weird - I suppose I thought moving to a new house where I have no association with drinking would make me think less about alcohol but I've had a few of these thoughts lately.

On the bright side - when my cousin told me he got engaged and we skyped and I heard all the lovey-dovey details and told him I would be coming to the wedding for sure.... I realised after we finished our conversation that I was genuinely excited to be going and my initial thought (for once) wasn't 'how will I cope with everyone drinking' and now it's more I'm so glad I will be sober so that I can enjoy and remember the occasion.  Also, he doesn't drink much and neither do his parents so it won't be the booze-fest our reception was.  It will be a bit classy.  Yey - I can buy a gorgeous dress :)

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  1. wow you're sounding in such a great place!!! Awesome!!! xxx